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Learning & Development Professional

Bruce works full-time as a Learning and Development Specialist in the adult education space in the Canadian film and television industry and holds the designation of Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP).  

He is a dynamic and solutions-focused professional with 10+ years of high-level experience focused on learning program development, design, and delivery utilizing different models including technology to solution training (VILT, ILT, eLearning, etc.). Expertly assesses organizational gaps and designs instructional programs focused on expedited improvement, partnering with SMEs and stakeholders at all levels throughout the organization while unifying teams to optimize content and delivery methodology to maximize returns.


Bruce is a transformational change agent driving continuous improvement throughout an organization by assembling maintenance plans, maximizing resources to produce results, and advocating for the importance of professional development in realizing a long-term culture of continuous learning within an organization.

Core Skills & Competencies:

  • Learning Strategy Development

  • Performance Management & Leadership

  • Leadership Development

  • Hiring & Training

  • Organizational Needs Assessments

  • Project Management

  • Instructional Design​​

  • Video/Audio Production & Post-Production

  • Graphic Design & Storyboarding

  • Facilitation & Evaluation

  • Relationship Building

  • Leading Virtual Teams

  • Vendor Management

  • Change Management

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